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Voices [The George Washington University]

by Hope Katz Gibbs
Senior Publications Coordinator
Office of Enrollment Management / GWU
Art director: Mary Argodale
Photos by Cindy Seip
Fall 1993

VOICES is a brochure that reads like a diary. Monthly entries were written 12 freshmen who document their first year at GWU. Photos by Cindy Seip illustrate their experiences as they travel from dorm room to the Marvin Center, the Washington Monument to the Capitol steps. Experience the adventure with them …

October 27: Shadow Puppets on the Monument
“We’d only be at GWU for a few weeks when my friends came to visit from Pittsburgh. The first thing they wanted to see was the Washington Monument at night. We waited until night had falled ao we could do the one thing we talked about the second I’d gotten my acceptance letter: make shadow puppets. So there we were, right behind the spotlight. We pulled our cold hands out of pockets and made bunny ears right on the side of the grand column. I know that’s something only a college student would do—and something only a GW can do. I love it here. Anything is possible.” — Mara Casar, freshman / biology major

More entries to to come …


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