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Modern Mom: Adriana Escalante Calderon [I Am Modern magazine]

By Hope Katz Gibbs
I Am Modern magazine
Modern Media
Spring 2009

Adriana Escalante Calderon considers herself a typical modern mom. She has three small children (Alberto, 6, Alejandro, 5, and Valeria, 7 months), a sterling jewelry company called Vaccari that she founded in 2002, and a new venture — a thriving blog, www.themomsbuzz.com that she writes and sells advertising for.

Of course, the Peruvian-born beauty doesn’t realize the wonder woman she is — and when it’s pointed out shrugs off the compliment saying that her life is similar to most women today.

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Two Time Emmy Award Winning Producer Janet Shalestik [Truly Amazing Women blog]

Blog entry by Hope Katz Gibbs
October 9, 2008
Truly Amazing Women

When it comes time to make that incredibly challenging decision to be a stay-at-home-mom or follow your career, two time Emmy Award winning TV producer Janet Shalestik didn’t hesitate.

“When I was in my 20s, I thought my greatest accomplishment was winning two Emmy Awards as a producer for ‘Capital Edition’ on WUSA-TV, Channel 9, and getting nominated for a national Emmy for an ‘America’s Most Wanted’ story against producers for Nightline, 60 Minutes and 20/20,” she says.

But then came Alison in 1991 and Sam in 1994.

“It wasn’t a choice,” she says. “I simply knew that my kids were the most important people in the world to me. That made giving up the glamour and the world of TV a lot easier.”

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