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Brochure: National Center for Communication Studies [GWU]

by Hope Katz Gibbs / Senior Publications Coordinator
Office of Enrollment Management / GWU
Art director: Mary Argodale
Spring 1993

Challenge: Promote the 10 programs within the University’s Columbian College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, giving each a unique look but with common elements to make all the promotional materials cohesive.

Solution: Hope hired illustrator Michael Gibbs www.michaelgibbs.com to create one painting for each of the programs. Each had specific theme—such as the rainbow eminating from the antique telegraph key used to send morse code—for the National Center for Communication Studies.

Here, the artwork was used on a tri-fold brochure to promote four offerings of the program: speech communication, journalism, political communication, and radio and TV. Hope wrote the text for the brochure, and in pull-out boxes wrote profiles of one student in each program.

Outcome: The brochure was reprinted dozens of times and used for several years.


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"I get by with a little help from my friends," says Hope, who gives special thanks to:

• MICHAEL GIBBS, website illustration and design: www.michaelgibbs.com
• MAX KUKOY, website development: www.maxwebworks.com
• STEVE BARRETT, portrait of Hope on Bio page: www.stevebarrettphotography.com

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