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Kicker [America Scores]

by Hope Katz Gibbs
Editor / America SCORES
Quarterly report on the state of the non-profit organization

Our goal: Kicker is the quarterly publication of America Scores, an organization based in New York City that empowers students in urban communities using soccer, writing, creative expression, and service-learning. With teamwork as the unifying value, America SCORES inspires youth to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged students, and become agents of change in their communities.

In this issue: We introduce readers to the leaders of our three America Scores programs—in Washington, DC, New England, and Denver, Colorado. Included are writings and illustrations of some of the outstanding poems and essays from each program. Samples of their wonderful poems follow.


I love it when
by Dana Makel, grade 6, Beers Elementary

I love it when I get good grades
I love it when my grandmother cooks Thanksgiving dinner
I love it when the Redskins lose
I also love it when I have sleepovers

I love it when I get my hair done
I love it when Christmas comes
I love it when the Dallas Cowboys win
I also love it when my birthday is here

I love it when I don’t get in trouble
I love it when my teacher Ms. Moore is nice
I love it when I eat rice
I really love it when I’m very happy

Winning is
by Claudius Smith, grade 6, Gibbs Elementary

Winning is cool, when we have poetry in school
Winning is scoring, winning isn’t boring
Winning is fun, when you beat a team ten to none
Winning is rad, when the other team isn’t mad.

By Joseph Mallory, grade 5, Benning Elementary

Alligators have sharp teeth
So, I had better draw them on a sheet
They have big eyes
I wonder do they like pies
They are so green
I wonder do they like beans
This is my first poem
I told them.

By Artavia Gadson, grade 6, Merritt Elementary

Work. Talk. Write. Listen. Help.
I want an education!
Educate me.


My day at the Big Apple Circus
by Shakira Neal, grade 4, O.W. Holmes Elementary

When I went to the Big Apple Circus, I had a lot of fun. When I first got there, I did not imagine there would be so many events. At first, the ring was lit up, but a few minutes later the lights went out.
Then a guy came out with a hat on and announced the events in order. I asked my mother who that guy was because it was my first time at the circus, and she told me it was the ringmaster.
Five minutes later something green was growing until it had three leaves and a flower on top and then all of a sudden a whole bunch of people came out and started singing and I got very excited. Then, after that five men on unicycles came out and started playing basketball.
When the next set of people were acrobats and one of the acrobats was jumping on the trampoline. Then I got up and got some popcorn. Soon the show was over. I asked my mother if we could go back to the circus again, and she said yes.
I had a great day at the circus.

I Imagine
by Ricky Ramos, grade 4, James W. Hennigan Elementary

I imagine the circus will have people being shot out of real cannons. I also think that people would stick knives in their throats and that 20 clowns will be able to fit into a car that is two feet wide and two feet tall. I think that people will disappear as they are performing a magic trick. I imagine that the acrobats will jump 50 feet into a bucket. I also think that people would swallow golf balls and spit them back out. I also imagine that people will chop their legs in half, juggle them, and then they will put their legs back on with no problem. I imagine that one man will fight with one tiger, lion, and a bear at the same time. That is
what I imagine the circus will be like.

The Man
by Shantal Richards, grade 4, Marshall Elementary

This work is based on a school assignment, where students were asked to choose, and then describe, one person from a series of displayed photographs. Following is Shantal’s description.
I feel so sad and mad. How could they talk about me like that? What did I ever do to them? I tried to make peace, but they just didn’t listen. I didn’t mean to get into a fight. I can’t stand them. Why did they have to be like that? Why did I have to do that? I didn’t mean for it to be like that. They wanted to fight. They wanted to fight. I tried to make peace and calm them down. Yeah, I did. I did not mean to beat them up. I did not mean to beat them up like that.


by Kristina Alcala, grade 5, Columbian Elementary

My favorite animal is a cat.
No, not a bat.
I have a cat.
It likes to jump on a mat.
It wears a red hat.
So, it won’t get a pat.
Once it caught a rat.
Don’t you like cats?

Joel Amaya Isidro
by Joel Arreola, grade 4, Eagleton Elementary


Can I Can I Catch
by Krystal Chavez, grade 3, Valdez Elementary

Can I can I catch the wind with my hands. Can I can I catch the fluffy pillows in the sky. Can I can I catch the shiny sun in the sky. Can I can I catch the sweet air. Can I can I catch the world in my hands? Can I can I catch the air in the sky.

The Magic Cloud
by Kayla DeJong, grade 3, Newton Elementary

If I were a magic little cloud, I would fly high in the soft clouds. I would go all the world giving very good weather but I would only give bad weather when they want it. But since I am a magic cloud I would give poor people a good house and lots of money to buy stuff. But most of all I would try to make and rich people be a lot nicer and give a lot more money.

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