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The book: Wish for Kindness [The Writing’s on the Wall]

Below are words of wisdom from the children. We hope you, too, dare to dream.

“I wish for peace. That means that there would never again be any war. And no one would ever be sad again. I’d also take all the pollution away by cleaning the water and not littering at all. I would make sure everyone recycles cans, newspapers and glass. And I’d wish for my mom to have no problems at work, and for my dad to have a better car.” — Trent H., age 7

“I want people to listen to each other. I don’t understand why everyone has to fight all of the time. Why can’t everyone put in an idea and then each person can talk about it. If someone disagreed, that would be okay. They could just talk about their ideaas and if hey didn’t find agreement they could agree to disagree. But they don’t have to have a war. That’s just a stupid way to handle a disagreement.” — Miles T., age 9


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