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The book: Introduction [The Writing’s on the Wall]

by Hope Katz Gibbs
Founder and president
January 1993 to September 1995

One of the goals of the Writing’s on the Wall project was to create a book about what kids across America were thinking. Although that part of the project didn’t come to fruition (yet!) here is the beginning of what we have in mind.


Look into the eyes of a child. What do you think they are thinking? Do you wonder how they feel about themselves? The environment? Their future?

The Writing’s on the Wall project teaches and encourages children to use art, photography and writing to express their thoughts and ideas.

This book documents our first two projects.

The first was held on November 11, 1993 at the Marin County’s Children’s Cultural Center, a Montessori School founded in 1971 by Elice Webster. Children from a diversity of backgrounds came together to create colorful, imaginative bricks and hang them on the newly built Wish House.

The second was held at the Marin City Boys & Girls Club on Martin Luther King’s birthday, January 17, 1994. Dozens of kids joined in on the fun, and a reporter from the Marin Independent Journal covered this event as well.

Each child received a medallion — a la the Olympics — to symbolize his or her success in being a writer, photographer, and artist.

“The goal of the project was to boost their kids’ self-esteem, and that really came through,” says the Children’s Cultural Center’s Elice Webster. “I had a good feeling about this project from the start. But after it was done, I was amazed at just how inspired the kids were. It was a great day.”

Below are words of wisdom from the children. We hope you, too, dare to dream.


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