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Our Projects: The Bayside/Martin Luther King Jr. School in Sausalito [The Writing's on the Wall]

The Writing’s on the Wall
The Bayside/Martin Luther King Jr. School in Sausalito
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 17, 1994
Photos by Jane Grossenbacher

The second project was attended by about 15 children from the Boys and Girls Club. A reporter from the Marin Independent Journal joined us, which added to the excitment of the day.

Although the kids seemed joyful and full of energy, there was an undercurrent of sadness. Just weeks earlier, a friend of the children — 6-year-old Qa’id Walker-Teal — was killed by a stray bullet during a local festival.

The children were taking it hard, including Tatiana Williams, 10, who used her brick to write this message:

“If I could do anything, I’d say a speech. I’d tell everyone to be nice to each other. If you aren’t nice, you would go to jail. I mean, there is no need for people to get hurt.”


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