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Yogify Your Small Business Founder Andrea Allen Interviews Hope Katz Gibbs

Yogify Your Business, April 17, 2014 — What do handstands and marketing have in common? That’s the question the yogi and serial entrepreneur Andrea Allen answers in her new series, Yogify Your Business.

“Do you ever wonder how yogis easily stick a handstand, meditate for long periods of time or effortlessly slide into the splits?” Allen asks. “Maybe you’re one of them and already know the truth: it doesn’t happen overnight! Certain principles need to be applied, like focus, discipline, presence, letting go and practice.”

More and more people every day are becoming aware of these principles and are seeing the benefits, and here’s the really exciting news: “There is a world-wide movement happening in the business world where owners and management are starting to apply these yogic principles to marketing, sales, and operations and seeing results,” Allen insists. “Awesome, right?”

More good news:

Click here to listen to Allen’s interview with Inkandesent Group founder Hope Katz Gibbs.

And click here to learn how you can Yogify Your Business.



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