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Hope Gibbs interviewed on "The Resilient Brain"

How can you get in front of reporters, and talk to them so they care about your story?

On the Dec. 1 episode of “The Resilient Brain,” the Blog Talk Radio show hosted Kathy Kitts, Inkandescent PR founder Hope Katz Gibbs participated in a strategy session to help the audience learn to think like a reporter, and get your company in the news. She also discussed whether getting in the news is the best use of your PR energy.

Also on the show was Dr. Robert Rose, an educator and author of several books including “The Complete Teacher,” and “Becoming a More Creative Teacher.” He has his own Blog Talk Radio Show, Rewiring Your Brain.

Click here to listen to the show.

For more information about Kathy Kitts, check out her article, “Is It Possible to Get Smarter as You Age?” — in the October 2012 issue of Be Inkandescent magazine.

About Hope Katz Gibbs

Journalist, publicist, author, and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs started her career as a newspaper and magazine reporter after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Then, after studying for her master’s degree in educational leadership at The George Washington University, she launched her freelance writing business in 1993.

Gibbs has won several awards for feature and column writing for her articles, which have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Miami Herald, Costco Connection, and dozens of business, education, and general interest magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and websites.

The writer got into the PR business in 2001, when she founded Great Handmade Gifts, an online art and craft website that represented artists, artisans, and authors from around the world. In 2002, she began a decade-long stint working as the director of communications for the City of Fairfax Schools, and in 2006 added another client to her list, the international futurist think tank, Social Technologies.

In 2008, she incorporated as The Inkandescent Group, LLC, and since then has helped increase the visibility and credibility of more than 100 entrepreneurs, educators, authors, and small-business owners through the services she offers. Gibbs’ mission: To promote, educate, and inspire entrepreneurs.

For more information, visit www.TheInkandescentGroup.com, or send her an email.


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