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Modern Mom: Adriana Escalante Calderon [I Am Modern magazine]

By Hope Katz Gibbs
I Am Modern magazine
Modern Media
Spring 2009

Adriana Escalante Calderon considers herself a typical modern mom. She has three small children (Alberto, 6, Alejandro, 5, and Valeria, 7 months), a sterling jewelry company called Vaccari that she founded in 2002, and a new venture — a thriving blog, www.themomsbuzz.com, that she writes and sells advertising for.

Of course, the Peruvian-born beauty doesn’t realize the wonder woman she is — and when it’s pointed out shrugs off the compliment saying that her life is similar to most women today.

“We’re all juggling a million things, and everything we do is important to us so we don’t want to give anything up,” Calderon believes. “The goal, then, is to find balance and that’s why I started my blog. We write about things that help busy mothers juggle all the good stuff.”

Recent entries include tips on how to keep kids from having a meltdown to teaching them good manners. She also reviews useful parent and kid-friendly products. The blog, she admits, is also her way to trying to help parents shield children from unwanted interference of today’s popular culture.

“Kids are exposed to so many things they aren’t ready for,” insists Calderon, a native of Lima who lived as a child in Guatemala, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, and went to college in Paris before getting her MBA at American University in 1995. “My father worked for the World Health Organization so we moved around a lot. Although I was able to see many interesting and different cultures, we were never exposed to some of the things my kids see here in the U.S. To do a good job as a parent, you really have to have your act together.”

Calderon also admits that part of balancing motherhood and work is knowing when and where to draw the line.

“I loved building my jewelry company, for I created my own line of high-end sterling products and designed some of the jewelry myself,” she shares. “But being there for my kids and husband Gustavo was my priority. So I’ve let that company go a bit. It is just a matter of picking my priorities. The blog is a little easier to manage, plus by selling ads it has become highly profitable. Most importantly,
though, it helps other moms. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I should be doing right now, and that’s a great feeling.”

For more information visit www.iammodern.com


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