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Dr. Helen Fisher to speak about her new book 6pm, Feb. 11 at the at National Press Club


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with renowned biological anthropologist who answers the question: “WHY HIM? WHY HER?”

Washington DC, January 14, 2009 — Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? That’s the question biological anthropologist Helen Fisher will address when she speaks about her new book “WHY HIM? WHY HER?” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 11 at 6pm.

Dr. Fisher’s new book — the fifth from the world-renown Research Professor and member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University — stems from her current work as Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site, Chemistry.com, a subsidiary of Match.com. Her data and ideas are based on her analysis of patterns of attraction among 28,000 men and women, as well as data from genetics, neurochemistry and personality studies.

Dr. Fisher has developed a personality test that reveals some of the basic biological aspects of who you are, your temperament. And using data from her new book, “WHY HIM? WHY HER?” she discusses four “natural” personality styles that stem, respectively, from activity in the neural systems for dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen/oxytocin:

EXPLORERS are energetic, curious, creative, flexible, open-minded, spontaneous, optimistic, and often charismatic. Presidents Obama and Sarkozy are good examples of these high dopamine types.
BUILDERS, such as George Washington, Colin Powell and Tiger Woods, are traditional, loyal, cautious, orderly, respectful and family-oriented.
DIRECTORS, including John McCain, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, are analytical, direct, decisive, tough-minded, independent, focused, competitive and technically skilled.
NEGOTIATORS see the big picture; they are imaginative, intuitive, compassionate, idealistic, emotionally expressive and have excellent linguistic and social skills. Bill Clinton, Charles Darwin and Oprah Winfrey are most likely primarily Negotiators.

Fisher has examining the dating preferences of 28,000 members on the Internet dating site, Chemistry.com, a subsidiary of Match.com, to explain why him, why her, and shows how we can use these data on personality to build understanding with a lover, friend, child or colleague.

“I used functional Magnetic Resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the brain circuitry of romantic love,” Dr. Fisher explains. “And knowing more about the brain, it becomes easy to explain such mysteries as ‘love at first sight,’ ‘hooking up,’ gender differences with intimacy, and how lust, romance and attachment interact chemically to bring both great joy and sorrow to our lives. I think humanity is moving forward to the past, toward gender relations that are highly compatible with our ancient human spirit.”

About Dr. Helen Fisher

Dr. Helen Fisher received her PhD in Physical Anthropology at the University of Colorado with a dissertation on the evolution of human female sexuality and the origin of the nuclear family, and since has had an illustrious academic and commercial career. The author of five books to date, Dr. Fisher has been on the national lecture circuit since l983 discussing the evolution of human sexuality, romantic love, marriage and divorce, gender differences in the brain and behavior, temperament and mate choice, and the future of men and women in business and family life.

Her lectures include speeches at: The World Economic Forum (Davos), TED, LeWEB, National Press Club, Harvard Medical School, and The United Nations. She was the host of a four-part radio series, “What Is Love?” for the BBC World Service in 2004; host of a four-part TV series, “Anatomy of Love,” for Turner Broadcasting Systems in 1995; and commentator on a 10-part series for The Today Show (NBC). Her book, “WHY HIM? WHY HER?” will be featured on an ABC 20/20 special January 30. For more information, visit www.helenfisher.com.

About The National Press Club

The National Press Club has been a part of Washington life for nearly 100 years. Through its doors have come all of the Presidents of the United States since Theodore Roosevelt, as well as kings and queens, prime ministers, premiers, senators, congressmen, cabinet officials, ambassadors, scholars, entertainers, business leaders, and athletes. Its members have included all of the Presidents of the United States since Warren Harding and most have spoken from the Club’s podium.

These days, the Club’s Book & Author Committee sponsors speakers each month to present their newest works to Club members and the public. These free events, hosted in one of the Club’s ballrooms at 529 14th Street NW (14th and F Streets) in Washington, D.C. always draw a crowd, so register early. For more information call 202-662-7500 and visit http://npc.press.org.


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