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What is a democrat?

By Hope Katz Gibbs
The Democratic Women of Clifton
Nov. 2006

I believe Democrats are thoughtful, inclusive, generous, caring and sensitive to the needs of others. We want the air and water to be clean, the public schools to be good for all kids, and for there to be enough park land for children and dogs and parents and the elderly to roam.

We want women to have a say in what happens to their bodies. We want people to live peacefully beside each other, and recognize the things we all have in common — rather than the things that make us different. We think those differences are darn beautiful, anyway.

Democrats want others to have the freedom to live their lives with courage, not fear. And we want our children to grow up knowing they are special not because they get straight As or are better than the next guy — but because they are unique individuals who are being brought up to do their personal best, and that is good enough.
And when it comes to casting our votes, Democrats are people who want to only elect leaders who tell us the truth — even when it makes them unpopular.

We also want everyone out there living in a community that doesn’t represent her to know she is not alone. With election season 2006 finally shifting some of the seats in Congress, I’m hoping this is just the beginning!


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