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Press Release: Coming Soon — LA STRADA Restaurant [Public Relations]

Press Release by Hope Gibbs
La Strada Restaurant
1905 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301
Online: www.lastrada-ontheave.com
Phone: 703 548-2592
Stephen Scott, executive chef

For Immediate Release

Coming Soon: LA STRADA Restaurant

New family-friendly, family-owned Italian restaurant opening in Del Ray

Alexandria, VA, April 1, 2008—If you love Northern Italian cuisine, get your taste buds primed for La Strada, a new restaurant opening this month in the heart of Del Ray.

The executive chef is Stephen Scott, the former maestro of the kitchen at such D.C. area dining icons as Zola, Argia’s, Primi Piati, Galileo, and I Matti. His parents Stephen and Diana, and sisters Courtney and Kristen, will be managing the restaurant.

Stephen’s grandmother, Argia Balboni, knew early in Stephen’s life that he was destined to become a chef. As a little boy, he would sit in her kitchen every Sunday and watch her fix the traditional weekend brunch: a roast of beef, braised chicken, Italian meatballs and handmade tortellini.

Also special was Argia herself, who emigrated to the U.S. from Italy in 1917. Putting family and good food first was always her priority. In fact, most of the ingredients for the family feast came from her garden — a giant yard in suburban Boston.

“Argia taught me the essence of Italian cooking, and it makes me proud to carry on her traditions in my restaurants,” Stephen says today, noting that La Strada is certainly about “la familia” —but not just because it’s family owned.

“This will be a place where families can come for a heart-healthy meal that will offer kids something unique, but delicious,” notes Courtney, who is a resident of Del Ray and the mother of two children, 9 months and 2 years. “I’ve seen it with my sister’s kids — when you offer children something delicious that’s served in a big bowl, family style, they are happy to try it.”

La Strada will feature a fixed price family style menu, so parents with kids can come in for a hearty meal without spending a fortune — or giving the kids too many choices, she says.

There will also be an a la carte menu, which will change regularly and include sumptuous Northern Italian dishes such as herbed stuffed leg of lamb, chicken Diablo, and fresh grilled fish with a Samarillo sauce. Always on the menu will be Argia’s famous homemade tortellini, foccaccia, mozzarella — and 150 different wines, each available by the glass.

Later this spring, La Strada will also offer cooking classes for adults and children, wine dinners, dinners-to-go, and Nonna Argia’s famous Sunday feast.

“Our goal is for La Strada to become that go-to neighborhood restaurant where you can always find fresh, delicious and wholesome food that’s affordable,” Stephen concludes. “When diners walk through the door, we hope to greet them by name and make them feel like they’ve come into our home.”

Look for these special features at La Strada

For families with young children:

• In addition to comfortable seating that wraps around the perimeter of the restaurant, there are several giant tables can sit 8 to 10 people,
• There will always be a family style menu (fixe price, about $18.95), lots of high chairs, and a changing table in the restroom.

For families with older kids, couples and singles:

• There is a wine tasting area that’s perfect for cocktail parties.
• A selection of 150 wines, available by the glass or bottle.
• A set menu featuring dishes made from fresh, locally grown vegetables and meats (selections range from $5.95-$15.95 for lunch, $6.95-$20 for dinner).
• Dinner-to-Go will also be available; customers can order by phone or online.
• Nonna’s Sunday Brunch will be served, beginning May 1.
• Cooking classes and wine dinners will begin June 1.

For more information visit www.lastrada-ontheave.com.


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