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Family Matters [Washington Parent magazine]

by Hope Katz Gibbs
Washington Parent magazine
February 2005

Ready to face some of life’s most joyous, and stressful phases? Following are a handful of useful websites designed to get you through a few rites of passage: Getting hitched, pregnancy, and the parenting daze. Congratulations—and good luck!

Getting Hitched

The Ultimate Internet Wedding Guide: Missing anything for the wedding? You won’t need to worry when you log onto this site, which includes everything from a weather planner to a chat room with other engaged couples. The best part is the 1,300 links to other sites, which (might) help you take the stress out of potentially the most expensive day of your life.

Register Online: Visit this site to set up a free personalized page; all your friends can log on to find out what you want them to buy you. Include your photograph, wedding details and a personal note to all your family and friends. Then customize your list of wedding gifts from your favorite stores, catalogs or shopping service.


Parenting Q&A: Pregnancy and Childbirth: This site will answer just about any question you have about the nine months of pregnancy, from choosing a name to circumcision to birthing methods. It also provides parents-to-be with national and local resources and informative books.

Sabrina’s Pregnancy Page: This site from childbirth educator Sabrina Cuddy is packed with user-friendly, informative tips about topics like newsgroups and mailing lists for new parents. Click around and find out about the midwife nearest you, or subscribe to the free weekly e-mail newsletter.

Infertility and Fertility Information Page: There are literally thousands of Web sites about infertility, but the San Francisco Bay Area Fertility and Gynecology Medical Group site offers some of the best links, listing half a dozen topics ranging from adoption to infertility clinics and organizations.

Parenting Daze

Parent Time: ParentTime/Welcome: Your teenager has just had sex; what do you do now? Or are you more in the “Rituals of Toddlerhood,” stage? No matter what age or phase your kids are passing through, this site has something. This virtual magazine rivals the slick and glossy ones, but then again it is owned by Time and Proctor & Gamble.

The Parents’ Guide to The Information Superhighway: With facts, analysis and links to other sites, this Web site – the product of the National PTA, the National Urban League and the Children’s Partnership – gives an overview of the best and worst on the Web.

The Stuttering Homepage: Your kid starts to stutter. Common sense tells you to encourage them to slow down. Wrong! According to the helpful information at this Minnesota State University site, you should ignore the stuttering altogether (about 65 percent of under-4 stutterers outgrow it without therapy). Keep browsing for a list of resources including books, therapy suggestions and supportive sections for kids and teens who stutter.


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