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Great Expectations: Superintendent George Stepp [City of Fairfax Schools]

by Hope Katz Gibbs
Editor / City School Close-Up
Cover story, November-December 2002

“If, as parents and educators, we expect greatness from our kids, I am confident they will expect greatness from themselves.” — George Stepp, Superintendent, City of Fairfax Schools

STUDENTS POURED INTO FAIRFAX CITY Schools on Sept. 3 with book bags filled with new packages of crayons, markers, pens and notebooks symbols of the infinite potential of the new school year. Anything seemed possible, and indeed it is, says City Schools Superintendent George Stepp.

He and the City of Fairfax School Board, principals and teachers are determined that students from kindergarten through grade 12 strive for the highest academic achievements.

“I believe children are amazingly intelligent and can learn much more than adults sometimes expect,” Mr. Stepp explains. “However, I also believe children will only achieve their maximum potential if parents are involved in the education process.”

That’s where the Close-Up newsletter plays a part. Under the guidance of Mr. Stepp and the School Board, we’ll annually publish six newsletters to explain the importance of the subjects students are learning and how, as parents and guardians, you can best guide your children through the education process.

“As a parent myself, I know how important it is to stay on top of what is going on at your child’s school,” says Janice Miller, School Board Chairman. “With the help of Close-Up, we’ll explain what you can do to help your children succeed.”

Paula Johnson, the Fairfax City Schools/George Mason University coordinator of field relations, believes every student attending Fairfax City Schools has the potential to be an academic superstar.

“Our goal is to ensure students have the opportunity to take algebra and a language in the 8th grade, advanced placement courses in high school, among other academic opportunities,” Johnson says.

So join us as we bring you inside the City of Fairfax Schools. Hopefully, we’ll all learn something.—Hope Katz Gibbs, editor, City School Close-Up


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