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Great Handmade Gifts: The Brochure

Website / company founded by Hope Katz Gibbs
Fall 2001
Motto: You are unique, your gifts should be, too!
Shop online: www.www.greathandmadegifts.com.

Why did a journalist found an onine gift compay? In wake of 9-11, I needed something useful to do with my hands. The experienced worried me so, and left me feeling so useless and helpless, I began making crystal jewelry, wine rings, hand-rolled beeswax candles, and selling them when the creations took over the den. Soon after, I saw the experience as an opportunity to “carpe diem,” and decided to form a company that sold not only my crafts, but those of other national artists, as well.

The company now represents more than 50 artists who create everything from wall-sized murals (Sally Wern Comport) and illustration (Michael Gibbs) to photograhy (Steve Barrett), beaded sterling utensils (Melanie Barry) and handpainted furniture (Nicki Shishakly).

Press coverage: Washington Woman magazine_ assigned me to write a cover story about starting her company, which ran in December 2002; and in 2005, Modern Bride reporter Ann Cochran wrote an article about the great wedding favors available on the GHG website. Both are shown on this page.


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"I get by with a little help from my friends," says Hope, who gives special thanks to:

• MICHAEL GIBBS, website illustration and design: www.michaelgibbs.com
• MAX KUKOY, website development: www.maxwebworks.com
• STEVE BARRETT, portrait of Hope on Bio page: www.stevebarrettphotography.com

Contact HOPE KATZ GIBBS by phone [703-346-6975] or email.