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Tasteful Favors [Modern Bride]

by Ann Cochran
Modern Bride
Spring 2005

Lately, guest gifts seem to fall into one of two hot categories: something completely personalized, or something to eat.
You’ll find great options for both approaches at a Virginia-based Web site, greathandmadegifts.com.

In the customizable department, a cool option is the personalized wine ring. Owner Hope Katz Gibbs offers “zillions of designs,” so you can actually give each guest one that suits his interests, from a stethoscope to a sailboat. Each ($3.50) comes in an organdy bag or a tiny box.

Rumor has it that wedding guests expect something chocolate, so a decadent chocolate favor might be the perfect party finale. Gibbs’ white chocolate swans or her rich chocolate truffles (by Schakolad Chocolate Factory) are both great options — and they even come in sugar-free versions. Great Handmade Gifts, Inc., 703 502-3405. — A.C.


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"I get by with a little help from my friends," says Hope, who gives special thanks to:

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• MAX KUKOY, website development: www.maxwebworks.com
• STEVE BARRETT, portrait of Hope on Bio page: www.stevebarrettphotography.com

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